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Fewer than 25% of adults eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day, which can leave a nutritional antioxidant gap. Our antioxidant products can boost your antioxidant intake to help your body thrive.*

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Your cells are bombarded everyday by stress, poor diet and environmental toxins. The more they’re bombarded, the more vulnerable you are to age-related conditions. Protect your cells with natural, clinically tested Shaklee ingredients.*

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Nutrition surveys show that many adults don’t meet the Daily Reference Intake (DRI) for a number of essential nutrients. Boost your vitamin and mineral intake with our Essential Nutrition products and redefine your vitality!*

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We offer a range of Heart Health products formulated to help promote a healthy cardiovascular system.*

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A strong immune system can help you fight environmental challenges and help keep you healthy. Shaklee supplements provide nutritional support to your immune system safely and naturally.*

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